Mudarabah Investment Saving Account

Hibret Bank Provides Interest Free Banking service which are complaint to the sharia principle

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This is an investment account where the customer deposits money for an unspecified period and he/she/it will share both the profit and loss based on the pre-agreed ratio. The depositors (rabul-mal/capital provider) authorizes the bank (or appoint the bank as mudharib /entrepreneur) to invest the funds. The customer may withdraw his/her deposit at any time, but the account should have the minimum balance required to be eligible for profit and loss sharing

Account Features

  • It is opened by customers for an unspecified period for profit and loss sharing
  •  The depositor appoints the bank as Mudharib / entrepreneur and deposits the fund to be invested in a legal /Halal/ business selected by the bank
  • The Bank will not guarantee payment of the principal as demanded by the customer since profit or loss may be incurred in this saving account
  • Clients that have Mudarabah class of account will be provided with passbook, Card Banking, mobile banking, internet banking, branch service, etc